What does it take to be a games athlete?

Workout of the day for Monday 06/18/12:

Back Squat: 5-3-1 (75%, 85%, 95% of 1Rep Max)

Work Capacity:
Five rounds for time of:
10 Power clean, 135/95 pound
15 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball

What does it take to be a games athlete?–Confidence.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7YKC-QToIQ&w=640&h=360]

Confidence is a staple to be successful in all of our goals. Not the confidence that we will always succeed but the confidence to try. Have confidence in your workout today. You made it to the gym, showed up for the daily workout. Go crush it.

Post to Comments: What lifts are you the most confident in? Have you ever failed a lift because you lost focus, didn’t have the confidence to succeed?

108 degrees today, stay hydrated!

Workout of the Day for Saturday 06/15/12:

2 Athletes, 5 Rounds:
Athlete 1 starts on Wallball, 20/14 pound
Athlete 2 Runs 260 meters
When athlete 2 Returns he/she begins Wallballs
Athlete 1 now Runs 260 meters

Outscore your partner by completing more wall balls.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKjydz3EKnE&w=640&h=360]

Andy Massi is a Game Changer

Workout of the day for Friday 06/14/12

In 15 minutes work up to your max overhead squat

Work Capacity
As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 minutes:
15 Overhead Squat, 95/65 pounds
20 Sit-ups

Say goodbye to your midline. ~J

Andy Massi is a Game Changer
~Justin Arnest

While I’ve been away, I’ve had some great time to reflect on CrossFit Roseville. There have been many coaches and athletes who have helped make us a phenomenal place to train and grow. Not everyone who deserves recognition has gotten enough of it.

One coach who deserves recognition for all he has done for CrossFit Roseville, and continues to do for CrossFit Roseville, is Coach Andy Massi. Even though he is one of those who doesn’t need public recognition, he deserves it.

Andy has been a game changer for CrossFit Roseville. He has elevated our game as athletes and coaches and continues to elevate everyone around him.

From the very first workout at our box, his work ethic and internal drive showed. His dedication to learn and understand CrossFit, GPP, and functional fitness led him to study many hours long before attending a Level 1 cert. In no time, he had absorbed the basic tenets of the CrossFit approach to training and his performance sky rocketed.

Once he attended the CrossFit Certification course, and I asked him to coach a few classes, his work ethic continued to shine. He always went the extra mile; showing up early, ready to work, organizing weights, taking out trash, cleaning up after messy members. (Yes, we have some messy members that are sometimes). He has never complained about anything, but he has made some important ‘suggestions’ and observations. Yet, even though he has clearly deserved it, he never asked for or got any special treatment or recognition.

In 2011, Andy helped me coach a group of 20 athletes at Tony’s Fine Foods, a large local food distributor, 2 nights a week. Over the course of about a year, we were the catalysts (also with Dave Pabalate and Laura Cruz) that helped create what is a new frontier in how big businesses provide health and wellness for their employees. We started in the parking lot and now that program has a dedicated CrossFit Coach and 4 nights a week in their own fully outfitted by rogue 6,000 sf private training facility. Andy was a big part of the success of that program.

As a coach at CrossFit Roseville, Andy has been top-notch. Even when he isn’t coaching and he is doing his own workout, he is always there to help a fellow athlete even if it means taking time away from his training. I have gotten many texts and messages from our members praising Andy.

In case you wondered, he’s been ‘there’. He will push you. Maybe more than you want, but never more than you need. Andy recently received another CrossFit Certification – Olympic Weightlifting. He has developed an eye for movement and a technical coaching ability that has helped us all. He’s quick to share what he has learned and every chance I get to workout with him, I take it! You should, too!!

Andy, thanks for being a Game Changer at CrossFit Roseville. You have influenced us all greatly. You have been an example of consistency week in and week out with everything. With your training, with your coaching, with the way you have invested in all of the members, with the way you have gone the extra mile for our box – every time, and with the way you have shown us how to dig deep on those hard wods (Death by Barbell, Hero’s, Memorial Day).

Keep up the outstanding work. You have elevated your fellow coaches and athletes. I’m looking forward to your ever increasing role at CrossFit Roseville and future endeavors together.

Thank you.


Post to comments:
If you have a memory of when Andy has helped you, why don’t you say thanks to him either in comments or personally next time you see him at the box. He believes in you. He believes you are capable of more than you even know. He has been fighting for you…so recognize the game changer in our midst.

Challenge yourself to become better

Workout of the day for Thursday 06/14/12:

Run 800 meters
28 Kettlebell swings, 70/53lb
28 Strict Pull-ups
28 Clean & Jerk 135/95lb
28 Strict Pull-ups
Run 800 meters

“I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice.”

This is who we are when we are at CrossFit. We create more resistance for ourselves. We make our lives harder… on purpose, and we like it. We are in it for the suck. Why!? Because we understand that the work is the reward. That tomorrow we will be a better version of ourselves because of the toil we put ourselves through today.

Resistance in our life allows us this chance to strengthen our mental game. When we are at CrossFit we generally see this resistance as a good thing, we want to face these challenges, to get stronger. We want to move from banded pull-ups to unassisted pull-ups, to lift heavier weights, and move larger loads faster.

But it is easy to forget when we are outside of CrossFit that resistance in our life affords us an opportunity to become stronger/better version of ourselves as well. It is hard to relate that losing an item we value, or dealing with a disgruntled co-worker, or mending a broken relationship is an opportunity to overcome resistance and to get stronger as well.

There is very little that will happen to us throughout the day that will be harder than our daily workout. We can breathe a little easier outside of CrossFit because we know this. And when life’s bigger challenges hit us we will be better prepared for them both mentally and physically.

Post to comments: How has crossfit helped you to face challenges in your daily life?

New Time Slot

Workout of the day for Wednesday 06/13/12:

Press 3-3-3+ (80%, 85%, 90% of 1 Rep Max)

1) 500M Row

2) 2 Minutes Max Double Unders

New Time Slot on Sundays from 9am-10am!

This will be an open gym. Come in on Sundays and get some CrossFit. It is great to see the gym continue to outgrow the gym we were yesterday. New coaches, athletes getting stronger and working on our goats, new time slots… it is going to be a fun summer at CrossFit Roseville!

This thursday 9/13/12 Open Gym at 6am.

Come in this thursday at 6am for open gym. This is not a scheduled class but we may be having more open gyms in the morning in the coming months.

Congratulations Randy & Camille Perkins, and Jason Sheldon

Workout for the day for Tuesday 06/12/12:

2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 6

For time:
Three rounds of:
345 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
7 Muscle-ups
Three rounds of:
21 Wall ball shots, 20lb ball
21 Toes-to-bar
100 foot Farmer carry, 100lb dumbbells
28 Burpee box jumps, 24″ box
100 foot Farmer carry, 100lb dumbbells
3 Muscle-ups

WOD Demo with Jaime Gold at the South East Regional – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Congratulations to Randy & Camille Perkins for completing their Level 1 Cert!!


And to Jason Sheldon for placing 3rd in his 10k (6.2 miles) Swim this weekend!!

Hope Works

Workout of the day for Monday 06/11/12:

Strength: Back Squat: 3-3-3

Work Capacity:
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Good Morning 45/35lb

We Have almost Reached our goal!

Thanks for coming out this weekend to support our efforts to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s hospital. We had a great turnout for our Hope workout fundraiser. My favorite part of CrossFit will always be the community that comes together to support each other. We have almost reached our goal of $1,000. The 1 day operating expenses at St. Jude Children’s hospital is 1.7 million dollars. Crossfit has raised about 1.2 million so far! If you have not donated yet please click on this link: http://hope.crossfit.com/affiliate?id=1682

Thanks again for bringing your friends and family. Thanks for brining food and drinks. Thanks to Coach Dave Pabalate and CrossFit Loomis for joining us. And most importantly thanks for coming out to support the children who are able to live better lives thanks to the efforts of St. Jude Children’s hospital.

-DANNY THOMAS St. Jude Founder



Three rounds of:
75 pound Power snatch
Box jump, 24″ box
75 pound Thruster
Chest to bar Pull-ups

“Hope” has the same format as Fight Gone Bad. In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep.

Hope workout scorecard – [pdf]

Come out today from 8am-noon to hang out with an awesome community of people getting together for a good workout to support a great cause. Bring a side dish and some drinks. Bring your friends and family, there will be scaled versions of the workout for everyone to participate.

Please visit hope.crossfit.com to make a donation 100% of which will go to St. Jude Children’s hospital.

“Hope” Workout Demo – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] Extended workout footage – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Remember: This Saturday is the CrossFit for Hope Workout!

Workout of the day for Friday 06/07/12:

2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 5

Complete the following every minute for as long as possible:
20 Double-unders
1 Snatch

Begin with 155 pounds and add 10 pounds each minute (or scale as needed). The workout is finished when you cannot complete the snatch within the minute.

WOD Demo with Brandon Phillips at the South East Regional – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

WOD Demo with CrossFit Santa Cruz – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

The Amazing Pyrros Dimas Snatch 1995

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LLbOsKkofc&w=480&h=360]


CrossFit for Hope:

Remember to register for CrossFit for hope on hope.crossfit.com and help CrossFit Roseville raise money for st. Jude children’s hospital!

Stop eating pesticides.

Workout of the day for Thursday 06/07/12:

2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 4

For time:
135 pound Back squat, 50 reps
40 Pull-ups
135 pound Shoulder-to-overhead, 30 reps
85 pound Front squat, 50 reps
40 Pull-ups
85 pound Shoulder-to-overhead, 30 reps
65 pound Overhead squat, 50 reps
40 Pull-ups
65 pound Shoulder-to-overhead, 30 reps

BP Corn

Here’s the rub:

• Monsanto created “BP Corn” using genetically modified crops that include an insect-killing bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis,or Bt.

• It is supposed to make the stomach of certain insects explode.

• This Corn accounts for 65% of all corn grown in the US and…

• Last year, doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found Bt-toxin in the blood of:

  • 93 percent of pregnant women tested
  • 80 percent of umbilical blood in their babies, and
  • 67 percent of non-pregnant women

• Which makes sense because when you eat processed foods you are eating BP Corn: genetically engineered corn is present in the vast majority of all processed foods and drinks in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

The moral of the story is stop eating corn unless you know where it comes from (locally grown organic source) and stop eating processed foods. If you purchase processed foods and corn you are voting with your dollar to keep Monsanto thriving. And, if you think organic locally grown food sources are expensive, have you priced cancer lately?

Read More Here.